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Throttle contol made in CNC-worked Aluminium. The throttle is provided with specific cables and GR006 two-colour racing grips. The kit includes 3 internal CAMs in CNC-worked Ergal with different diameters (40-43-45 mm). The knob is available in 8 colours and the grip is available is 5 colours.

The throttle control is made of two half-rings made in CNC-worked aluminium and anodyzed in 8 different colours.The kit is Provided with Accossato specific cables accordig to motorcycle applications (check the compatibility); two-toned racing grips are included and you can choose between 5 colours. Every kit includes 3 internal nuts in CNC-worked nuts with different diameters (40-43-45 mm), to modify the stroke of the throttle control, making it more or less prompt: with a bigger diameter of the CAM, you will have a quicker throttle control and a longer rotation stoke of the grip.

Double-cable throtte controls are provided with 3 cams: Ø 40 - 43 - 45

Write wich diameter and color on the grip and knob at checkout!