It seems like yesterday when, in 1996, Stefano Cappelletti (Capit CEO & Founder) had a real stroke of genius.

At that time the father Giampietro was an excellent manufacturer of electric thermometers and a profound connoisseur of thermodynamics, the mother Maria was instead a very skilled seamstress, she was an expert in making women’s clothes for many years. Since he was a kid, Stefano has worked alongside his two parents in order to learn the secrets of their two jobs.

Stefano grows and has many experiences among metalworking, engineering, tailoring and electronics and a brilliant intuition soon arises: which product, if not the tyrewarmer, can perfectly combine the two magnificent know-how of mom and dad?

So over the years the company grows more and more, developing that intuition and taking it to the top of the world sports competitions.

Thanks to the experience, research, and tests in collaboration with the best teams in the car and motorbike world championships, Capit has taken on a leading role in the national and international market, producing more than 20,000 tyrewarmers per year.

A true MADE IN ITALY excellence in the world. A success that comes from the continuous evolution of the products in whose realization the company has often been innovative, introducing new concepts (radial layout of the heating circuit, elimination of mechanical thermostats with the TNT system), new materials (Fire and Silvertech fabric) and new technologies (electronic temperature management).

Today Capit offers a wide range of exclusive and quality products – tyrewarmers, track accessories, motorcycle covers, heated clothing and Dry System products (suit dryer and helmet dryer) – suitable to satisfy professional teams, but also private people who love running on the track

Over the last few years, Capit has accepted a new challenge: starting from 2014, the company started producing and marketing internationally its first line of heated battery-powered clothing.

As well as exporting a large part of its products to many countries around the world, Capit has also significantly increased its sales volumes on the Italian market, where the sportswear sector has experienced a substantial growth.

Capit directly manages the study, development and implementation of each single component of its products.