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The Evo power module
is able to work together with sensors already found on your bike changing the output values with the advantage that you will not require a remapping (and without such you would need to visit a mechanic with test bench facilities to get better results).
By using the stock electronics, you will always be able to get the best from your bike as there is currently nothing in commercial sale which is more perfect than the ECU as developed by the manufacturer for each specific model of motorcycle.
Working together with the air temperature sensor, the stock ECU of your bike adapts the carburetion with various injection and anticipation times. This is a guarantee that the stock ECU will never increase the power and torque performances with values which will damage the engine.

The air temperature sensor is found 90% of the time on the outside of the air box or on Ducati bikes between the dashboard panel and the front headlight.
The Memjet Evo has a setting range which can be adjusted from 0 to 10; By setting the module to zero (i.e. completely turned to the left) you will have the normal standard bike setting without any change The setting range will allow you to increase the value and set the module at the point which will give you the best carburetion.
The setting which is recommended for most or lightly modified motorcycles is 5.
The latest generation of engines are built to respect very strict anti pollution requirements and end up being penalized with moments of empty non intentional power distribution.
It is also underlined that the measurement of optimisation is now defined in terms of exhaust emissions and noise and not the performance.
The installation of the module is completely reversible and your bike can be returned to it’s original setup in just a few minutes.