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Oil Cooler Kit

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HEL Performance Oil Cooler and Oil Line Kits

An Oil cooler is an important addition to any engine which gets worked hard. Engines which are constantly revved high can easily overheat the oil which then becomes thinner and offers less protection, resulting in premature engine wear. Most motorcycle engines have a lubrication system that includes an oil pump, some form of oil tank and a delivery system.

Any external oil lines on a bike have a very hard life which may see internal temperatures exceeding 100 degrees centigrade and external temperatures dropping below freezing. They have to be capable of withstanding pressure over 100 pounds per square inch, remain flexible if made of rubber or resist fracturing if made of metal.

All this and the ability to withstand engine vibration and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

But there is a cure - Any original manufacturers oil lines can be replaced using the HEL range of high performance oil hose and fittings.

Our kits replace the standard OEM fitment with a new oil cooler which can increase efficiency by up to 25%. They include new CNC aluminium brackets to ease fitment and new oil lines which are available with either stainless steel braided hoses or our black braided hoses for that stealth look.

Fittings are black anodised and the kits include any adapters, take offs or bolts required to give a complete replacement to the OEM oil cooler.

All HEL Performance Oil Coolers come finished in black and the aluminium brackets have been anodised with a matt black finish. Great looks – Awesome performance.