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The STM slipper clutch is a technology designed and implemented on the motorcycles to avoid the dangerous tire hopping effect, hopping due to the intervention of the engine brake during the deceleration phase. The slipper operates only and exclusively during the brake phase, when the motor generates negative torque. The intervention of the engine brake on the rear wheel of a motorcycle is invasive to the point of causing the wheel to leap, with consequent loss of traction of the tire. The anti-skid STM clutch keeps the compound motion during deceleration.

The STM clutch is a very high quality component made of high quality materials such as ergal that make it much lighter than an original clutch (OEM) with finishes and craftsmanship of the highest level. Equipping the bike with any of the STM clutches allows an overall improvement of the vehicle's performance, also extending the life of the engine.