Bridgestone Battlax Racing V02 SBK Slick Rear

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Product information "Bridgestone Battlax Racing V02 SBK Slick Rear"
  • The Bridgestone V02 (slick) has a harder carcass than its predecessor and thus has a better feedback to the driver.
  • Fabulous wheel control at a very high grip level!
  • Rear Soft was renewed in 2016 - therefore pay attention to the designation "8432" - More grip in the first 10 laps - faster than V02 Medium and therefore ideal for sprint races and still durable.
  • Real dimensions for traction control: 192mm/655mm
  • Test winner slicks in PS 7/2016 + Fastbike 2016 + 2017

  • SOFT (8432): from 5°C asphalt temperature up to 60°C
  • MEDIUM: from 10°C asphalt temperature up to 70°C

Technical features:
  • The additional belt in the construction provides you with optimized contact area and additional grip.
  • Thanks to the Mono Spiral construction (MS-BELT) the tire deforms and produces less internal friction. This means greater stability during the race.
  • Higher traction allows the use of softer rubber compounds.
  • The new rubber compound dramatically improves warm-up performance and also increases durability.